After the BLM March, What’s Next??

The callous murder of George Floyd sent out palpable shock-waves all over the world. Yet through all this I can’t help but ask myself why? Why now? Injustice, brutality and a lack of accountability are no strangers to black and allied communities. But for the first time in a long time it is undeniable that things feel different.

My Life as An International Student pt. 2

In the first part of this series, I wrote about my preparation for travel and arrival. In this one, I would like to introduce you to university move-in and the first few weeks of school. Move-in day is the day you move into your university accommodation. One thing that helped with my first interaction with my flatmates was to leave my door open…

My Life as An International Student

For context, my introverted extrovert perspective just explains me as an individual. Even amongst my group of friends, I may sometimes be the social butterfly or in lighter terms “the life of the party” (I enjoy when people around me have a good time and everybody is involved in the group), other times I shy away from human contact