Black Heritage: Narratives of Diaspora

Black Heritage: Narratives of Diaspora

Calling all Black Staff, Postgraduates, Doctoral Researchers and Alumni! Submit your diasporic object as part of our Black History Month exhibition.

LU Arts is working with Dr Kerri Akiwowo, Senior Lecturer in Textiles (School of Design and Creative Arts), to develop a project that, through the presentation of objects and stories, celebrates, and reflects the many diasporas of Black staff, postgraduates, doctoral researchers, and alumni.

The project will collect and present a range of interesting objects that communicate different diaspora’s.  These will then be presented within a specially created display structure that will be shown within the Martin Hall Gallery between 16 October – 10 November as part of Black History Month. 

To make this happen we would like to invite Black staff, Postgraduates, Doctoral Researchers and Alumni, including those of mixed-black heritage, to submit objects that reflect their diaspora and provide some text explaining their connection to the object.  The objects can be physical objects, owned or collected, or photographs of objects or objects made by participants.  We would also like you to provide some information on why this object is meaningful to you and how it relates to your diaspora in up to 300 words. 

The objects, while not limited to the following, might include:

Textiles, Clothing, Products, Prototypes, Collections, Sculpture, Ceramics, Painting, Drawing, Illustration, Photography etc.  

As well as the exhibition we are also hoping to present the objects and narratives within a dedicated web page.  

If you would like to be considered for the project, please complete the Microsoft Form linked below by Sunday 10 September 2023.

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